Secure payment

Our site has made the security of its online transactions a priority. Our commitment in this area is unreserved. At belledecristal.com, we pay particular attention to the security of transactions. All transactions made on www.belledecristal.com are 100% secure.

StripeIn partnership with Stripe payment, we secure your payment using an extremely efficient, reliable and secure system.
Transactions are made securely on the bank's secure server, all data concerning you (surname, first name, credit card number, expiration date, etc.) are encrypted and inaccessible during the transaction. Your bank references never pass in clear, neither on the network, nor even at belledecristal.com. In addition to being encrypted and therefore unreadable, this information is not stored on our servers, which is why you are asked to provide it again for each of your purchases. This type of payment is accessible if your order is registered and invoiced in the name of an individual or professional whose bank issuing the credit card is located in Continental France or Monaco.

PaypalPayPal is the most secure online payment service, it allows you to pay for purchases, receive payments, or send and receive money. You benefit from free PayPal Purchase Protection on small sites as well as on large merchant sites, in France and abroad. If you do not receive your order, you can benefit from PayPal coverage and be reimbursed the full amount, including shipping costs.
PayPal protects purchases of material goods, paid for in one go and delivered by a carrier. Digital goods, items delivered by hand or paid for in cash cannot be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection, as there is no proof that allows us to verify whether the item has been received.

Check PayementYou also have the possibility to pay for your order by check.
Your cheque must be made out in Euro.
Your order is taken into account only from the receipt of your payment.

The receipt of your payment is notified by email.

Virement BancairePay for your order by bank transfer.
Your order is taken into account only from the receipt of your transfer.
The receipt of your payment is notified by email.