Loops "Rivolio with hook" - SWAROVSKI crystals

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Loops "Rivolio with hook" - SWAROVSKI crystals

Dimension: 35 x13 mm

Crystal :12 mm

Length :NC

Weight: 10.0g

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Elegant handmade earrings with Cristaux Swarovski.

The design is based on simplicity cutting stone rivoli hung on a ring.

The size of the pattern is about 3.5 x 1.3 cm.
The earring is easily attached via a titanium rod directly into the ear with a silicone stop.

The earrings are in Rhodium finish, which increases their durability and are hypoallergenic.
You will receive the product packed in a gift box.
The crystals of all our products are SWAROVSKI certified.
The earrings are designed and manufactured by FaBOS.