Pearl White Pearl Buckles - SWAROVSKI Crystals

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Buckles "Pearls" Pearl White - SWAROVSKI Crystals

Dimension: 21 x 8 mm

Crystal: 8 mm

Weight: 4.0g

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Very elegant earrings handmade with Swarovski crystals and pearls of pearly white color

The simplicity of this pearl is softness and elegance for every woman!
The size of the pattern is about 2 x 1 cm.
The earring attaches via a titanium rod directly into the ear with a non-hazardous silicone stop.
The earrings are in
Rhodium finish, which increases their durability and are anti-allergenic.
You will receive the jewel packed in a gift box.
The crystals of all our products are SWAROVSKI certified.