Royal blue single necklace Fabos crystals from Swarovski

67,50 €

Necklaces Fabos Crystal from Swarovski

Dimension: 45 x10 mm

Crystal :38 x 10mm

Length :41 + 7 mm

Weight :10.0g

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Elegant handmade necklace with Swarovski crystals in beautiful Bermuda blue and crystal. A simple cut of the stone with royal blue will refine your outfit for any occasion. The size of the pendant is about 4.5 x 1 cm. The collar is designed and manufactured by FaBOS. The jewel has a length of 42 cm. The clasp chain is 7 cm. It is thus possible to accommodate this collar according to your neck circumference. The collar has a Rhodium finish, which extends its life and avoids all skin irritations. A gift box is provided with the necklace.