Naveta necklace blue denim and silver Swarovski

574,17 €

Fabos crystal necklaces from Swarovski

Dimension: 175 x 160 mm

Crystal: 48 x 13mm

Weight: 139.0 g

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Exclusive version of the handmade necklace with Swarovski crystals in denim blue and silver. The modern name Naveta refers to a long narrow cut of precious stones, which we have composed to achieve a luxurious necklace effect. The size of the necklace with the hoop is 16 x 18 cm. The collar is easy to put around the neck. The necklace is in a finish Rhodium, which increases its durability and is makes it pleasant even for sensitive skin. You will receive the product packed in a gift box. The collar is designed and manufactured by FaBOS.