Necklace light glossy stone set Swarovski

28,33 €

Necklace Fabos Crystal from Swarovski

Dimension: 28 x 14 mm

Crystal: nc

Length: 42cm + 7cm

Weight: 06 gr

Crystal color: nc

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Handmade necklace with light-colored Swarovski crystals (Crystal). The shiny stone is set in a delicate necklace. The size of the pattern is about 3 x 1.5 cm. The collar is designed and manufactured by FaBOS. The finish of the jewel is in Rhodium. This makes it long-lasting and prevents the skin from becoming irritated. The size of the jewel is 42 cm, it ends with a wider chain that measures 7 cm for the clasp. You therefore have the opportunity to accommodate the jewel according to your neck.